Innovating Safe Infrastructure Delivery

In the ever-evolving landscape of infrastructure delivery, safety is paramount. While the speed of vehicles through work sites is a common concern, addressing the root causes of incidents requires a deeper understanding. 

Mooven is committed to not just identifying risks but also creating a comprehensive safety ecosystem through greater context and rich situational awareness… You'll hear us frequently say that context is king here at Mooven, but when it comes to safety it rises to an even higher rank.

The Essence of Data-Driven Safety

Data-driven safety is not just a savvy concept but a practical application of technology to enhance work zone safety. Mooven is a great example when used by customers to leverage pre-construction speed data for risk-based traffic management, allowing for informed decisions on Traffic Management Plans or Temporary Traffic Management plans. It also identifies high-risk projects by monitoring active work zones.

The result - a powerful way to facilitate the measurement of the effectiveness of traffic management plans and integrate contextual elements and hardware to enhance visibility in high-risk locations.

A Methodical Approach

The infrastructure delivery industry faces significant safety challenges, and there is a growing range of technological opportunities available to address them. However, it’s easy to get excited by a flashy kit or lost in data; this is where taking a methodical approach is so important. 

To truly understand safety, we need to delve into the variables that contribute to it. Mooven recognizes the need for ongoing, contextual information to identify these variables and therefore identify real risks. 

Mooven utilizes a framework with its customers to discuss safety methodically, evaluating the impact of interventions.  This framework serves as a reference point to understand the current safety situation, assess the effectiveness of interventions, and determine their lasting impact.

Mooven's commitment to providing greater context involves distinguishing between fixed and variable contexts. While the platform captures baseline information, it acknowledges that varying factors may influence interventions differently.

(Fig. 1. Mooven's framework to step through the evaluation and impact of Safety interventions)

We provide customers with variable context, including live speed through work sites, weather conditions, and annotations capturing various work-related details. However, the future vision involves incorporating on-site 'fixed context' with activities such as road age, conditions, and other impactful events into the Mooven project arena.

Join our Webinar to learn more

In the pursuit of innovating safe infrastructure delivery, Mooven plays an important role in the evolution of data-driven safety. By understanding the nuances of safety variables and utilizing cutting-edge technology, Mooven is not just identifying risks but actively working towards creating a safer work environment.

The commitment to a methodical approach and the incorporation of real-time, on-site data make Mooven a great partner in your next data-driven safety discussion - reach out to us today.

We have a Webinar on Wednesday, Nov 29 @ 12:30PM  PST  where we will unpack knowledge and practical advice on how to make a demonstrated impact on safety using Mooven's Infrastructure delivery platform.  We will share some practical case studies of how the above concepts have played out with our customers.  Click here to read more and register to attend, or click here to register directly, add to your calendar and receive a recording following the webinar.

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