Celebrating a risk-based approach to road safety

There are so many opportunities to celebrate road safety heroes this month. For the team at Mooven, top of mind are the teams designing our safe streets to live, work and play in; and those taking a risk-based approach to work zone safety who ensure the safety of the public and their amazing work teams daily.

Working in dynamic urban environments poses significant challenges for road teams and the public alike. However, it's also where their commitment to safety shines brightest. 

May is filled with time to reflect on this, with New Zealand’s Road Safety Week ‘Be a road safety hero’, National Road Safety Week in Australia, and National ‘Our Roads, Our Safety’ week in the US, in addition to the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week where we recognise the importance of road safety on a global scale.

Protecting road workers and the public in and around roadworks and construction sites is so important, and we want to take a moment to acknowledge what they do, and speak about the technology they are proatively leveraging to make workzones even safer. Through delivering new safety infrastructure and essential maintenance, our customers are not just building roads—they're building safer communities. And we believe the term "safety hero" perfectly encapsulates the incredible work they do.

Reducing speed through work zones to protect our safety heros

One of the most pressing risks in these environments is speed through work zones, which tragically accounts for numerous deaths and injuries every year. 

That's why data-driven safety isn't just a buzzword—it's a practical application of technology that can save lives. Mooven brings this to life by empowering customers to leverage pre-construction speed data for informed traffic management decisions, ultimately reducing risks for both work crews and the public.  At Mooven, we're committed to a risk-based approach to safety management and supporting our customers to achieve this. 

We often chat about our product features, such as email and SMS speed alerting, baseline reporting to VMS board integration, all designed to enhance safety in work zones. 

However, increasingly, delivery teams are leveraging Mooven to implement specific customised risk-based strategies. This can include;

  • Identifying risks in their activity and the environment in the pre-planning stages, including the use of Moovens impact assessment - working towards the lowest total risk using data.

  • Eliminating and minimising risk to the road user and work teams in their work zones - monitoring speed through site.

  • Seeking opportunities to reduce their exposure to risk situations to avoid the risk occurring - adapting best time to work, understanding and leveraging a baseline of speed and peak congestion data for work teams.

Making a risk-based approach more accessible

But safety isn't just about identifying past issues—it's about actively managing and reducing risks in real-time. That's why Mooven provides accessible, real-time information to all stakeholders, enabling deeper insights and more accurate safety planning. 

By incorporating Mooven's speed methodology into your work zone, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • No hardware or setup ahead of time. 

  • Cost is significantly cheaper, with large savings in TMP and related project costs.

  • Capture specific timing in addition to the day of week to understand when people are exposed, as well as unattended.  

  • Gain data, insight  and alerts specific to the components of the site (mapping out your own unique approach, departure etc)

  • Gain an understanding of the impact on road journey times - understand when road users are going to start becoming more erratic, when congestion is building and will increase worker and public risk.

We have been working with many teams over the last six months who are incorporating this into their planning and delivery methodology with fantastic results. Look out for a case study on data-driven road safety later this month.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge these teams and the safety heroes who tirelessly ensure our roads are safer for everyone - Thank you for all that you do. Let's give a round of applause to the everyday heroes who make our roads safer. Together, with the right tools and a commitment to safety, we can build a future where every journey is a safer journey.

Thank you,

Micah Gabriels and the team at Mooven.

Reach out to us if you want to discuss your specific Safety needs in an upcoming work site or planning approach. 

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