Our Mission


Our mission is to give time back to our customers and the public through improved mobility outcomes. 

The global transport industry is undergoing significant change caused by the explosion of new technology, data sources and capabilities. We see an opportunity to leverage leading product, user experience and Software as a Service experience to develop the next generation of products for the transport sector.

We started with tools to help construction firms (and other businesses that interact with the roading network) understand and manage the impact of their activity.  Importantly, we saw a need to empower the field workers with the simple, binary and timely input they were after.

From this beginning, we have started developing products for local authorities, asset owners and consultancies to help inform their decision making and optimise transport networks.

The Founding Team


Micah Gabriels

Co-founder & CEO

Passionate product leader and jack of all trades. Micah has a diverse background in product, commercial and marketing roles across companies including Air New Zealand, Spark Ventures and Westpac.  He is equally at home surfing, wielding a chainsaw or unpacking an important 'job to be done' for customers.

Paul McDonnell


Life-time developer, technology leader and avid cyclist.  Paul provides oversight of our development and infrastructure capabilities. Paul's background includes Invenco, Xero, Westpac and Spark Ventures.


After spending several years at Qrious, a big data and analytics startup, and developing a range of Software as a Service product lines, we completed a management buy-out to form Mooven in 2018. 

Breaking off a separate company has given us the ability to double down on the transport product line and start accelerating growth, while continuing to honour the vision and passion of everyone who was involved in its inception.

We're based in New Zealand and Australia but our scalable, real-time software is already running in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.


With a strong focus on sustainability and new organising models, we're constantly testing and iterating how we work to deliver better holistic outcomes.

The environmental, social and economic impacts of congestion are huge.  It is exciting to see significant global changes underway with rapid growth in electric vehicle fleets supported by renewable energy, evolving views on mobility and public transport, as well as changing attitudes to collaboration and empowerment. 

We believe we can help support these changes by examining how we operate and encouraging continued discussion and conversation about our collective future.