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Queue Monitoring Use Cases


Managing high-risk locations

When there is no room for error, make sure your project doesn't impact high-risk locations causing an issue that spirals out of control

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Gain visibility of current issues

If you're experiencing excessive delays around your project and don't have visibility of the true impact, queue monitoring can be used to gain a detailed understanding of conditions

Manual traffic control

When your worksite is under manual traffic control, Mooven can help you improve the experience for road users by balancing queues from each direction

Managing high-risk locations

Projects near motorways, shopping centres and high profile intersections are particularly risky.  When things go wrong in these locations, conditions rapidly spiral out of control and can't easily be recovered.

Benefits of queue monitoring:

  • Understand when traffic has started backing up beyond acceptable levels and has the potential to gridlock surrounding areas
  • Trigger specific actions based on the length of queues, mitigating the issue before it gets out of control
  • Gain visibility of the full extent of the issue, well beyond your line-of-sight
  • Determine accountability for the origin of the issue

Gain visibility of queues

When you have a project that is causing significant issues, you need to quickly find out what's going on.

Knowing when, where and how long queues are will help clarify the issue and alleviate localised concerns.  

Benefits of Mooven's Approach:

  • A solution that can be deployed in minutes enabling immediate visibility
  • Provides the right information so you can implement the right response
  • Tracks your progress and shares results with key stakeholders to address anecdotal stories



Manual traffic control

When operating manual traffic control measures like stop-go or contraflow setups, it's often impossible to see the impact without getting your crew to manually drive to the back of the queue and phone the location in.

We can change that by providing visibility of queue lengths so you can balance the needs of each direction, in real-time.

Benefits for worksite performance:

  • Actively balance traffic flows through your site to reduce tailbacks and disruption
  • Proactive alerts to the STMS or stop-go crews so they can adapt their approach in real-time
  • Collect an evidence base to demonstrate how you performed





Want to learn more?

Get in contact to find out how to fully leverage the potential of Queue Monitoring

How does it work?

Mooven provides an outcome-focused software platform along with proven methodologies.

How are queues monitored

We break the area of interest up into sections to understand conditions and then summary this up into the metrics that matter to you.

Can I see changes over time?

When you log into Mooven you will be able to see the full history of queue lengths side by side with your delay, journey time and average speed insights.

How do I inform my crew

Proactive alerts can be setup and assigned to individuals on-site.  Once a defined queue length threshold is reached,  SMS messages will be sent so they can implement a pre-agreed mitigation plan.

I'm not sure how to start?

Don't worry, we have you covered.  We can help you identify and implement plans for individual projects through to full programs.

Can I share information with others?

Absolutely, you can share access to any of your related parties, contractors and stakeholders associated with the projects.

Are there upfront or install cost?

No installation or upfront costs are required unless you want to install dedicated hardware for a particular purpose, for example queue monitoring by lane on a motorway.

Changing The Status Quo

Mooven lets you instantly tap into insights previously only available through tedious, inefficient, and cumbersome technology.

  • No Monitoring Hardware Required
  • Remote Setup And Monitoring
  • Customisable Routes
  • Advanced Messaging Logic