A Flexible and Scalable Approach

Our subscription-based product is used throughout the full lifecycle of infrastructure projects to streamline delivery. 
We draw upon how the world works to deliver a rich set of outcomes that help you deliver infrastructure projects
ahead of schedule with less impact on the surrounding community.


Speed in Execution

With no hardware or preparation required. Mooven's fully digital solution is able to respond to your requirements in minutes.

  • Full self-service capabilities

  • Set up sites in minutes 

  • Fully customisable routes from A to B

  • Turn monitoring on and off as you please

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Performance Monitoring

Different projects require different information. Through Mooven you have access to a range of metrics to get a complete picture of your unique situation. 

  • Real-time monitoring provides instant insights

  • Base metrics include Delay, Journey Time, Speed, Customer Experience 

  • Monitor the development of queues around your site


Be prepared for any situation by developing a strong baseline to review your ongoing projects to. With the planning functionality, you can cut through the fog.

  • Set up monitoring in advance, before stepping foot on site

  • Monitor performance and benchmark

  • Use the Planning tool to expand working windows

  • Schedule monitoring to automatically turn on for key periods
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Keep Your Team Informed

Through our integrated alerting system everyone from on-site workers, to asset owners, can stay up to date with changing road conditions.

  • Get alerted on developing queues 

  • Improve safety by alerting site personnel of speed increases

  • Adapt your strategy if delays begin exceeding acceptable levels

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Live messaging to inform motorists of unexpected conditions and optimize traffic.

Managing customer experience throughout construction activity is vital.  Through Mooven's direct integration with many CMS providers, you can create dynamic messaging for customers.

1. Real-time delay and journey time updates

2. Recommended detour options

3. Smart logic for optimal vehicle pathing

4. Use for community engagement and logistics


Here at Mooven we've built an open platform which enables us to integrate with you however you need. 

  • Push data to messaging boards 

  • Integrate with HQ platforms 

  • Centralise decision making 

  • Give public confidence and gain input for projects

ProductsΓÇöData Sources

Data Sources

Siloed data is useless data. As such we can source information from almost any external systems you have, to help you create a full vision of what is going on. 

  • One-off data imports

  • Consistent data pulls

  • Integrate data with open API from tube count through to Bluetooth

  • Centralise your data to open up silos

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Ultimate Flexibility

Every project is different - so we've developed the most flexible model possible.
The level of coverage is tailored to your needs.
Determine what you monitor, where, and for how long, with full controls at your fingertips.

Short Term


Useful for activity that last hours, days or weeks 

  • Sporadic and tactical needs
  • Event management
  • Incident Response
  • Investigations

Capital Works


Delivery of major projects over months to years

  • Establish baselines
  • Adapt approach for the needs of each phase
  • Customer experience monitoring
  • Detour management

Maintenance Programs


Multi-year programs with a consistent stream of activity

  • Scheduling of projects
  • Manage network impact
  • Worksite safety
  • Performance reporting

Know your Network

We support local and central government agencies to manage their networks effectively.   The benefits of expansive, city or state wide visibility include: 

  • Building harmony across multiple streams of construction activity
  • Visibility of incidence and points of interest in real-time
  • Integration with count systems, cameras, and existing infrastructure for a holistic picture

Have a question?

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get. 

I'm new to Mooven, where do I start?

Don't worry, we have you covered.  Our software is easy to use and we have a guided onboarding program to make sure you achieve your desired outcomes. 

How long does it take to setup?

Setting up monitoring can take as little as a couple of minutes.

No hardware is required, enabling you to create monitoring in most countries worldwide, at the click of a button.

We also have an experienced team who can provide guidance on best practices and develop specific strategies to help you achieve your goals. 

How many users can my account have?

We believe in sharing access to provide transparency and build trust. 

You have the ability to share access with as many people as you want both within your organisation and also related parties, clients, contractors, subcontractors and service providers.

How much does it cost?

Mooven can be scaled from small individual projects to full network monitoring.  You have full control over the level of service required.

Our core pricing is based on the number of road segments monitored and the type of monitoring.  Mooven provides a clear return on investment and best of all, you're not locked in to any agreement. 

If you would like to get a quote for a specific project, please get in touch.

What happens when my project ends?

Our service doesn't end once your monitoring does and you will continue to have access to your previous projects.

You can restart projects at any time and archive them once you're finished.  With Mooven, you can also set multiple schedules to tailor when monitoring is required.

Getting Started

Your ability to create space is at your fingertips because Mooven combines all the sources you need layered with AI smarts, all delivered to you in a simple and easy to use application.

Our specialised software can be implemented globally, at the click of a button and in minutes.

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