Mooven raises $5M to help deliver world-changing infrastructure

We are accelerating the development of our construction tech platform to deliver world-changing infrastructure improvements without the city-stopping impacts and disruption.

Our vision is to bring forward the prosperity of our future cities by providing governments and construction companies with the ability to work in harmony with their surroundings.


Plan with confidence

Gain an accurate understanding of conditions before you start so you can tailor your approach to the local conditions.

  • Evidence for corridor access requests

  • Determine when and where you can work

  • Identify appropriate detour routes

Streamline Delivery

Maximise efficiency of your project delivery by having full visibility on everything that’s happening, every step of the way - streamlining your project, and the network.

  • Optimise delivery around actual traffic conditions

  • Respond to issues in real-time, with proactive alerts

  • Share access with stakeholders


Engage with Community

Delivering positive experiences for road users is critical in maintaining a social licence to operate. It can provide direct productivity benefits by lowering traffic volumes around your project.

  • Provide live journey time updates to commuters

  • Offer alternate detours based on delays

  • Evidence based communications

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Mooven's Story

Here at Mooven, we see ways to reduce the impact of construction and roading projects.

We understand the impact that projects have on their surroundings
and we understand that people need to be kept happy, both inside and outside of this circle of impact.


Getting Started

Your ability to create space is at your fingertips because Mooven combines all the sources you need layered with AI smarts, all delivered to you in a simple and easy to use application.

Our specialised software can be implemented globally, at the click of a button and in minutes.

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