Flexible and Efficient

Mooven's products can be used in a range of applications. 
The ability to deploy traffic monitoring at the click of a button creates a flexible tool. 
Providing an efficient solution for experimenting.

Construction Companies

When carrying out build and maintenance work on the roading network, there are often KPIs and delay obligations that must be met as part of the contract.  Mooven's software allows each team to monitor traffic congestion around their roadwork sites and proactively address any emerging issues, helping your business to improve efficiency and achieve better contract outcomes.


  • Manage delays and network impact, in real-time
  • Optimise site layout and closure times
  • Evidence base for schedule negotiations
  • Monitor and audit 3rd party sites
  • Performance reporting for contracts

Engineering Consultants

Managing large strategic projects often means balancing a complex mix of expectations and stakeholders.  Gaining access to a simple way of capturing additional evidence can expedite the business case and design phases of delivery.  Monitoring can be used during delivery to audit against contract obligations ranging from capital work, commercial and residential development. 


  • Provide insights to support decision making for strategic projects
  • Monitor, audit and report on the delivery of projects
  • Gain additional data points to support transport models
  • Monitor journey times to understand pinch points
  • Internationally scalable, available in multiple geographies

Asset Owners

Maximising the return from infrastructure investments is critical, whether you're a government authority or a private business.  This means providing a seamless service to the public, fully utilising your asset and managing its condition.  We can provide additional monitoring capability or displace the need for installed hardware.  


  • Understand where and when traffic congestion is occurring on your network
  • Provide journey time guidance to road users
  • Ability to scale for major events, that only require temporary monitoring.
  • Capture evidence to support rate payer or government queries
  • Monitor the performance of contractors

Utilities and Arborists

Laying new electricity, water, gas and telecomunication services, repairing faults or carrying out vegetation management will often disrupt traffic.  When arranging work that is on or will impact the roading network you may be asked to provide traffic management plans and demonstrate how you will manage the impact on road users.  


  • Monitor traffic disruption and receive proactive alerts if problems arise
  • If it's a multi-day site, understand the impact on local traffic when your teams aren't on site
  • Supports your conversations with the roading authority
  • Monitor the performance of third-party contractors

Traffic Management

If you are managing complex or high impact closures, Mooven can give your teams improved visibility over the wider network impact.  This helps you to quickly adapt to changing situations, understand if changes need to be made to detour routes, communicate with traffic operations centres and other stakeholders.


  • Real-time traffic monitoring can be rolled out in minutes
  • Can be used for unplanned closures, like managing detours around a serious accident
  • Understand what's happening when no one is on site
  • No hardware required

Event Management

Sporting fixtures, concerts and other major events can have a significant impact on the surrounding road network.  This can result in complaints from residents and make it harder to get approval from local authorities.


  • On-demand, daily charge for monitoring without a fixed upfront charge
  • The ability to quickly scale up as required for events
  • SMS notification so you are aware of pain points
  • Reporting on what happened