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Real-time dynamic VMS messaging

State of the art messaging to keep the community informed and traffic optimised.


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Minimise Disruption with VMS

Delivering positive experiences for road users is critical in maintaining a social licence to operate and can provide direct productivity benefits by lower traffic volumes around a project.

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Live Journey Times 

Keep the community informed with up to date travel times.

Dynamic Tours

Recommend alternate paths based on live data.

Adaptive Speed Warnings

Control the traffic speed as it goes. Keep a safe worksite.

Live Journey Time

Provide accurate travel time advice to passing motorist


No one likes travel delays, we all get that.  By displaying current journey times you mitigate negative feedback as the public is well informed on what’s ahead.

Saying goodbye to static messages, not only helps inform road users it also enables them to make informed decisions on their travel choices.

  • Show time saving via public transport
  • Pick any start and end point
  • Map full detours
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Dynamically Recommend Detours

Using a single detour can often result in severe congestion and other unintended consequence.

Using Mooven's dynamic detours,  a range of detour options can be simultaneously monitored and VMS boards used to recommend the fastest route to motorists.

Not only does this provide an excellent experience, it also minimises congestion on the network opening up the potential to expand delivery activity and gain larger closures.


Adaptive Speed Warnings

Adaptive messaging doesn’t just stop at Delays and Journey Time. Mooven also pulls the Average Speed of any route it monitors. This give you the capability to update your VMS messaging entirely based on drivers behaviour.

If speeds are exceeding acceptable levels, this can automatically trigger a change in message, for example if speed exceeds X, the VMS board will inform the public of the current changed conditions. Much more effective than a static message.

Overall this will improve speed compliance, and give you the info required to monitor changes over time and make informed decisions.



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How is this delivered?

It doesn't take months of preparation to execute.   It can be as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Create a plan

Work with us to create a tailored plan covering: areas to monitor, potential detours, messaging for each board and unique triggers.

Configure the boards

Share access to your VMS boards so we can automatically send messages in real-time.

Live Management

Understand how your project is performing so you can optimise delivery, adjusting the messaging as required.

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Changing The Status Quo

Mooven lets you instantly tap into insights previously only available through tedious, inefficient, and cumbersome technology.

  • No Monitoring Hardware Required
  • Remote Setup And Monitoring
  • Customisable Routes
  • Advanced Messaging Logic

Use Mooven how you want to

Small Project


  • Four routes
  • Four days
Typical Project


  • Flexible pricing, usage based
  • Manage multiple detours
Large & Long Term


  • Tailored setup for ongoing projects
  • Journey advice for fixed locations

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